Sessions with Jennifer Hollar Photography are laid back and fun. I love to capture those real moments and try to cut down on the posed photos that can often look fake - just have fun and be yourself! Here are some important facts to prepare you for your session.




Some of the more popular places for sessions are parks, university campus', beaches, downtown/urban areas and fields/farms. Keep in mind that private property can only be used with permission, but I always try to find an alternative for my clients or gain permission from the property owner if necessary. Don't have a location in mind? No worries! We'll work together to figure out the best location. 


As a natural light photographer, most sessions take place outdoors. However, I do offer indoor photography for newborn/lifestyle sessions and events. 





This is one of the most common questions that I am asked. To make things easy, I suggest you visit my Pinterest page and view the applicable clothing boards where I regularly pin items. You'll find some of the more trendy colors for the season as well as some classier trends that will always look great in photos, regardless of what is 'in' that season. 


Some general rules:


  • If you're looking to take family photos, don't wear matching outfits - it's an old cliche and it really takes away from the individual personalities of those included in the pics.


  • Don't wear patterns that are too distracting or unflattering - we want people's eyes to be drawn to your face, not your outfit. The outfit is meant to compliment you, not take away from you.


  • Solid colors work and look best on camera. Neutral colors will always look best, but it's okay to pair a bold color with a neutral color. Dark jeans/pants are always more slimming. If you want to wear a patterned top or bottom, be sure to pair it with a neutral color so that the boldness of the pattern isn't taking the focus away from what really matters, you! You'll find some examples of this on my Pinterest board. An important note (especially for men): don't wear a small checkered or small stripe pattern. This will lead to your shirt having the moiré effect/distorted look.


  • Wear shoes - seems pretty obvious, but sometimes being barefoot is not the best idea. I hate wearing shoes, but I'll never take a photo without them on - I've learned how hard it is to edit out the dirt on feet that have gotten that way from walking around barefoot. Sandals are not always the best either, but if that's what makes you comfortable, just be sure to add some polish to those toes ladies.


  • Accessorize! Shades, hats, scarves, etc. will add an extra layer of depth and style to the photo. 


And most importantly, BE YOU! I want you to be comfortable and if you're wearing clothes that are totally not you, then it'll show in your expressions on camera. Bring an outfit that defines your personality. It's okay to bring multiple outfits, in fact, I encourage it for my grad sessions - so bring your favorite outfit and then if you want to wear dress clothes for photos, bring that outfit as well. I don't limit how many outfits you want to bring, but just keep in mind how long it'll take to change into those outfits and that takes away from some of the actual photo time. Things can get a bit tricky though since it usually requires you to either find an open building or change in the car, but clients do it all the time :-) 


I like to encourage my clients to send me photos of the outfits they're thinking about wearing for their session too, so don't hesitate to snap a pic with your cell and send it my way. Sometimes it just takes an extra set of eyes to help you make the decision on what to wear, so I'm more than happy to let you know if I think it'll look great on camera. 





Beginning in 2017, I stopped offering long stylized/posed newborn sessions. I only offer lifestyle newborn sessions now. They still take place in your home, but they provide you with photos that represent the day-to-day activities and interactions between a parent(s) and their newborn. We we still get some simple posed portraits of your baby, but with minimal props and posing. Lifestyle sessions typically last 1.5 - 2 hours since newborns are unpredictable and require a lot of patience and time. Newborn sessions typically take place within the first 10 days after birth when the baby is most likely to sleep during most of the session, but can be done up to 3 weeks from birth. Because the sessions take place indoors and I like to take advantage of the natural light available, I will work with you to determine the best location in your home for the photos and the best time of day to schedule your session. Because it's important to capture the first year of your baby's life, I also offer a newborn plan that will include sessions throughout the first year. 





Each session includes all edited digital photos. They will be presented in a password protected online gallery that can be viewed on any desktop or mobile device. You can view, share and download the photos directly from the online gallery. Prints and other customized items can also be purchased from the online gallery at a reasonable price.